William D'Anjou - Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation, Video, & Special Effects


About William D'Anjou

William D'Anjou's interest in art has been around since childhood, and was one of his favorite subjects at grammar school. Since he was little, his attention to detail was priority (William was probably one of the only kids in the entire family who could create something on the Etch-a-Sketch). Keeping his childhood interest, William is now pursuing art as a career. He decided that digital art was the way to go when he was a junior in high school. William is now near completion of his degree in both the Multimedia and the Graphic Design programs at California State University, East Bay in Hayward, CA.

Today, William is using both technological skills gained through the many years experience of design work and his creative talent he has had since childhood. William has laid out yearbooks, produced slide shows for graduating classes, and was recently involved with editing video for one of the college art courses on a volunteer basis. He was also recently involved with multiple aspects of design work on a website for a company in which he currently works for, Denevi Digital Imaging.

Digital work is not his only expertise. He also goes back to the roots with traditional art with his hand-drawn and hand-painted work,consisting of landscapes, animals, and cartoon characters.

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